It is also called Kanda Halli (onion village) though chillies and sweet potatoes are also grown here. Candolim and its friendly folk spread here, there and everywhere.
When someone says that Goans love feasts, football and feni, it's probably  Candolim which one refers to. At the bustling  Candolim tintto  (bazaar), the traditional taverna shows  signs  of modernity. Dhirios (bullfights) have made their exit but football still  retains it feverish pitch at the Panchayat  Grounds named after  the late Dr Gustavo Monteiro, who is still remembered  for his  selfless  social  service. Being bang by  the  road,  people gather  here  eagerly  every evening to  watch  t heir  favourites play.

Now tourism is the major money spinner. Candolim, which had just one building a few years ago, is teeming with  buildings and hotels of every style and size besides shopping malls, travel agents, money-changers, et al.

The noteworthy houses in the village are those belonging to Dr Desiderio Costa Frias, Dr Gustavo Monteiro and  Pinto's  house. Half  of the last named house has been converted into  the  Bosio Hospital. Another major landmarkof is the Monterio Football Field

If you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of crowds, holidays in Candolim are just the ticket. This calm little haven is packed full of beautiful sights, charming restaurants and long stretches of stunning coastline.

When it comes to stunning shores, Candolim is a beach lover's paradise. We're talking brilliant sands. Crystal clear waters. And palm trees as far as the eyes can see. It's a true slice of Goan paradise. Not only are there plenty of opportunities for sunbathing and watersports, you can sample fresh seafood at the cute beach restaurants that are scattered along the seafront.